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The CPI and its successors have become the world standard for oil-water separation

Pielkenrood is a family business. That means that we pass on our knowledge and experience from generation to generation. Moreover, we have a long-term view on investments, relationships and innovation. In 1895 Jacob Pielkenrood, a blacksmith, started his own company. A few years later, he invented a steel barrel, which became the well-known oil drum. This was the starting point of a rich history of entrepreneurship and innovation. Another excellent example of such innovation followed in 1962 when Royal Dutch Shell and Pielkenrood invented and developed the famous CPI or ‘Corrugated Plate Interceptor’ type oil/water separator. The first separator equipped with corrugated plates.


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Your trusted partner for oil-water separation and water treatment solutions

Today, Pielkenrood is your trusted partner for oil-water separation and water treatment solutions, upstream as well as downstream. We supply advanced, sustainable, tailor-made engineered plants that help you to achieve your sustainability targets.

Often, the design of treatment plants is cost-driven. Customers select the option with the lowest CAPEX. Pielkenrood treatment plants are revenue-driven. That means that we are not necessarily the che pest in terms of CAPEX. Instead, we focus on maximizing the recovery of valuable resources, such as oil products, combined with reduced energy consumption and attractive operating cost.

  1. If you are not convinced of the performance of our packages and plants, we can perform pilot tests. Or you can rent equipment, including operators. If you are not satisfied, you can simply return the equipment to us.
  2. We are happy to work on an open calculation basis to prove you that you get the best equipment at the best price.

We invite you to experience the Pielkenrood approach.