About us


Pielkenrood is a family company. That means that we pass on our knowledge and experience from generation to generation. Moreover, we have a long-term view on investments, relationships and innovation.


Water treatment is a specialist job

Designing and building, for example a refinery, a crude oil processing facility or an airport, is a specialist job. And so is designing and building a water treatment plant, the complexity of which should not be underestimated. Pielkenrood is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of oil/water separation and water treatment.


Worldwide customers

That is why major oil & gas companies, tank terminals and EPC contractors from around the world invite us to work with them. Not only for their new projects but also to solve issues with their existing plants. Every week we come across cases where other designers have made the wrong choices, resulting in plants that are underperforming or not performing at all. Clogged CPI separators, bypassed produced water treatment plants, flotation units with settled sludge on the bottom, and much more. Pielkenrood modifies these facilities or supplies new ones so that the owners can meet their performance targets.


Smart design

For instance, a global oil & gas company procured a produced water treatment plant for one of their Crude Processing Facilities. It never worked. Pielkenrood designed a new plant and performed pilot tests. We proved that we could meet the required effluent parameters, both in terms of oil and solids concentrations. And in the process, we recovered an additional 1850 barrels of crude oil from the produced water per day. The payback period of the new produced water treatment plant was less than a year. That is what we are good at, smart designs and equipment that does what it has to do. Because of that, we achieve significant savings on both CAPEX and OPEX for our customers.



Since 1895

In 1895 Jacob Pielkenrood, a blacksmith, started his own company. A few years later, he invented a steel barrel, which became the well-known oil drum. This was the starting point of a rich history of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Famous CPI

Another excellent example of such innovation followed in 1965 when Royal Dutch Shell and Pielkenrood invented and developed the famous CPI or ‘Corrugated Plate Interceptor’ type oil/water separator. The first separator equipped with corrugated plates.

Trusted partner

Today, Pielkenrood is your trusted partner for oil/water separation and water treatment solutions, upstream as well as downstream. We supply advanced, sustainable, tailor-made engineered plants that meet your expectations in every way.


Focus on energy efficiency

For Pielkenrood the current and important focus on energy efficiency is not new. Since we started our activities in the water treatment industry some 50 years ago, we have always devoted considerable resources on research & development with an emphasis on designing plants with a small footprint, optimal performance, energy saving and low operation and maintenance cost.

These efforts have resulted in reduced use of resources throughout the supply chain and significant energy efficiency gains. For instance our SBR biological treatment plants use some 20% to 30% less energy and generate significantly less waste sludge than conventional systems, while offering better performance and effluent quality.

Local contractors and fabricators

We consider not only reduced energy consumption and a responsible use of natural resources as important. Also with regard to Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Pielkenrood is a pioneer. Decades ago we started to work with local contractors and fabricators, often in developing countries, thus stimulating local economies and employment.

In addition, working with local contractors and fabricators means less transportation of equipment and materials, which results not only in a lower cost and shorter lead times, but also contributes to the preservation of the environment.


Of course our local partners comply with our clients’ and our Quality Control and Quality Assurance requirements.

We can certainly say that Pielkenrood is a forerunner in the field of energy saving, energy efficiency and green, responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship. At the same time this offers our clients benefits, such as competitive prices, reduced logistical cost, shortened lead times and lower operating and maintenance cost.


ISO 9001:2008

Pielkenrood maintains a strict Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, warranting an exceptionally high quality of services, equipment, certification and documentation supplied by us.

We have implemented procedures for, amongst others, proposal making, cost engineering, project execution, design and engineering control, document control, procurement, material control, fabrication, inspection and testing, logistics and lessons learned.

Safe and healthy working environment

When designing we pay attention to Human Factors Engineering, so as to create a safe and healthy working environment for the plant operating and maintenance crew. Moreover, we adhere to strict design verification and validation procedures as well as a document control system to track and evaluate design and engineering progress.

All our sub-vendors are carefully selected and comply with our requirements regarding quality and safety. We have committed not only ourselves, but also our sub-vendors to a very high standard regarding Health, Safety and Environment in order to maintain our zero incidents and accidents policy. If necessary, we help and guide our sub-vendors to implement programs and procedures contributing to our quality and safety standards.